Age discrimination now unlawful in services, public functions and associations

From 1st October this year the Equality Act prohibits age discrimination in the provision of services, the exercise of public functions and in relation to associations. So organisations delivering services will need to consider how this affects them. An example that was cited recently was of welfare benefits applications being made only on-line may be indirectly discriminatory on the basis of age for older people are less likely to have access to a computer or be computer literate. There are some exceptions that the Government considers to be ‘justifiable, beneficial or needed for good public policy reasons’ – these include financial services, age based concessions, age related holidays, private clubs and sporting events eg under 21s tournament.

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2 thoughts on “Age discrimination now unlawful in services, public functions and associations

  1. hi all hope you can help me here gos my wife is younger then me and my work pension say wife wil recieve 50% on my pension but if she is more then 10 yrs youngrer then me she will only get 28% as she will lose 0.05% for eash yr she is younger then me is this ageisem but so hard to work it out be told by my union nothing to worry about for the last 3 yrs but now am being told i have to put a complint in as its againts the law here now . have worked for the company for the last 25 yrs .

    any help