Shantele JanesShantele Janes – Director

Shantele Janes has been the Director of the Race & Equality Centre since the end of 1999. She holds a law degree and qualified as a barrister before going into discrimination casework, working previously for the old Merseyside Racial Equality Council.

Shantele is the chief operating officer and she has overall responsibility for the organisation, supervising all aspects of the services as well as the running of the Unity Centre.  

Sophie Cowell – Caseworker

Sophie graduated from the University of Chester in 2015, with an LLB (Hons) Law sophie3degree. She has a keen interest in discrimination law and is currently studying for a PhD in this area, specifically considering the use of positive action to increase the representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic football coaches in the UK. Sophie joined CHAWREC as a Discrimination Caseworker in October 2016 and is really looking forward to working in this area.


Elizabeth Lambrakis – Casework Assistant

Elizabeth Lambrakis joined CHAWREC as a Casework Assistant on 3rd August 20el15. She has a law degree from Bristol University and qualified as a solicitor in 1980. Having spent most of her career handling claims related to shipping and international trade, she has now changed direction into Discrimination Casework and is looking forward to working in this area of the law.


Special Advisors

Specialist advisers to CHAWREC are not trustees or directors, but people who have a special relationship with the organisation and are prepared to give up time to provide support and advice to the organisation in a specialist subject area.

Chantal Davies

Chantal is solicitor with extensive experience of discrimination work. She currently Chantalworks for the University of Chester as Senior Lecturer and Module Leader in Public Law, Human Rights and Discrimination as well as leading the development of FRED (Forum for Research into Equality and Diversity) at the University.



Paras Gorasia

Paras has over 10 years experience advising and representing parties bParesefore the Employment Tribunal and Civil Courts. He is regularly instructed on strategically important, high value, complex and sensitive disputes involving leading corporations, government bodies and senior executives. He is particularly known for his ability as a cross-examiner, his technical ability and his commercial nous.