We are always looking for volunteers to help with the Discrimination Casework Service. Some understanding of the law is preferred, would suit law graduate or someone studying the LPC/Bar course.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please call us on 01244 400730, or email office@chawrec.org.uk

Some of our recent volunteers:

Karen Wong:

Karen received her LLB Law degree with honours from thekaren University of Liverpool in 2015. Currently she is doing her LPC with LLM at the University of Law, Chester. She joined CHAWREC in February 2016 and is now volunteering once a week at the centre. She has a great enthusiasm for immigration law and
employment law. Whilst studying, Karen gained some legal work experience in her spare time, including assisting asylum seekers and individuals being discriminated against at work. She is particularly interested in the field of human rights and equality. She can speak English and 3 Chinese dialects, and is also a beginner in Korean. She expects to finish her studies this summer and start her training contract in the very near future.

Chloe Kamutikaoma

Chloe iUntitleds in her final year of her degree, studying LLB Law at the University of Chester. Chloe intends to take a year off after finishing university to go travelling before either pursing para legal work or the LPC followed by a training contract. Chloe currently volunteers at CHAWREC as she had a keen interest in discrimination law and wanted to be able to help and support victims of such offences. Chloe’s also very keen on medical law and legal history. She has carried out a breadth of volunteering over a wide range of sectors and plans to continue and expand upon this.

Majeya Haque

Majeya Haque is a Third year LLB Law student at the University of Ch2015-01-21 02.22.24ester. She is currently volunteering at CHAWREC once a week alongside her degree, which includes modules in Discrimination Law and Employment Law. During her studies, she has undertaken a range of legal work placements and continues to work on her legal skills through Mooting competitions. Having a strong interest in advocacy, Majeya intends to become a solicitor advocate and is currently applying for the LPC, hoping to secure a Training Contract thereafter.

Darta Kaleja

Darta Kaleja is currently in her final year of studying LLB Law at University of Chester. Darta photoShe is currently volunteering at Chawrec in order to gain a better insight in the real-life application of law. She is also undertaking a variety of other voluntary positions at the University of Chester, such as Trustee of the Students’ Union and member of the Student Council. Darta is hoping to pursue postgraduate studies in the field of Discrimination Law, as she feels passionate about Human Rights.

Elizabeth Bailey

Elizabeth Bailey is in her 3rd year at the University of Chester, studying LLB Law with Politics. Elizabeth is currently volunteering with Chawrec alongside her studies, which includes Discrimination Law. In the future, Elizabeth intends to pursue an LPC/LLM and secure a training contract.  She has a keen interest in Discrimination and Human Rights law and has undertaken a range of legal work experience and shadowing whilst studying in Chester. She currently works part-time at the Boathouse Inn on the River Dee.